PhpMongoAdmin is a web based application for MongoDB administration, creaed using Laravel and VueJS.

Modern SPA architecture.

Runs on any web server that support PHP version 7.2+.

Access any local or remote MongdDB database. Multiple mongodb servers can be configured, and easily switch fromone servr to the other.

Independantly managed application user access control along with mongodb user management and roles implementation.

Now undgoing the final stage of alpha build.

Find out more or download here:



NodeMongoAdmi is a clone of our PhpMongoAdmin and uses the same VueJS fromt end. However, the back-end API is built usng NodeJS.

Completely portable modern SPA architecture.

Runs on your desktop, serverless or server environments.

All that same features as out php versio with maximum pprtability.

Currently in early MVP build stages.

Wtach the progress here:

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