Php Mongo Tools (c) 2020 is a new web portal for all things MongoDB ®, which, not surprisingly, will include DB management applications distributed by the PHP MongoDB Tools group (

Our current application on the workbench is PhpMongoAdmin. It is designed as a portable database management tool, which can run on most LAMP capable servers. This application has been coded using Laravel and Vue JS. The minimum requirement is PHP 7.2.+. We do not support earlier versions of PHP.  The PHP 7.2.* series is now only supporting security bug fixes. We recommend all new installations to use PHP 7.3.*

Users requiring support for an earlier release of the PHP 7.* series you may request a 'special release' version along with a paid support package. Please contact us for more infomation.

We will not be providing releases for earlier PHP versions such as PHP 5.6, however we can provide support for the installation and upkeep of a compatible application on LAMP architecture.

This website provides support through our forum via subscription memberships. Subscribers may also elect to join a paid support tier which entitles them to a variety of extra support priviledges. This model is in the works and more information will be published in due time.

PHP MongoDB Tools is owned, operated and supported by MasterForms Mobile & Web (

The PHP MongoDB Admin application is not distributed via this website. It may be and can be downloaded here, via our GitHub page or installed from Packagist by using Composer (php-mongo/admin)


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