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This website portal supports and promotes applications built for MongoDB ® using PHP as their core code. We also provide direct support to our own Php MongoDB Admin (PMDBA) application which is housed here: phpmongoadmin.com

Our MongoDB Admin tool is now available for testing as an alpha release, and it wont be too long until we have a MVP built up to Beta release standards.

We also have a modern Cloud based application in the works. Stay tuned for more information on that one.

Php Mongo Admin may be download via our Github portal: github.com/php-mongo/admin or from the PhpMongoAdmin website downloads page: PMDBA Downloads

If your looking for a MongoDb resource, try our hotlinks page, or check out our forum.

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Happy times all around! PhpMongoAdmin alpha 1.0.1 release is ready to be downloaded and tested.

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We are pleased to announce that our Demo site is now publicly available.

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Php Mongo Tools is the central portal for our PHP MongoDB application.

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The Dashboard View is the PhpMongoAdmin landing page providing a server and application overview

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Contibute to the Php MongoDb Admin development as a developer or designer. All offers considered.

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Database List View provides a listing of all databases the current user may can access

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The Document List View displays a listing of all document object that belong to a selected collection.

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While we value our underlying technical connection with MongoDB ®, we have no affiliation or dirrect association with MongoDB ®

Php Mongo Tools is not affiliated with MongoDB ® in any manner and all / any use of the name MongoDB ® or the MongoDB ® logo is purely for the purpose of reference only and does not infer any ownership or rights to use the name or their logo.

This website and our associated applications like 'PhpMongoAdmin' are part of the Php Mongo Tools project group, which are owned, managed and supported by Masterform Mobile & Web (www.mfmaw.com)

Our NoSQL Mongo Database administration tool website is located here: phpmongoadmin.com

 Any use of the terms "PhpMongoTools" or "PHPMongoTools" or "PhpMongoDBTools" or "PHPMongoDBTools" or "Php MongoDB Tools" or "PHP MongoDB Tools" should be considered a reference to "Php Mongo Tools"


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